I'm feel so much better today, isnt crazy that the happiness of other people  (that I dont even know personally) makes me soooooooo effing estatic . I ve been a "shipper" for soooo longgggg time , did I mentioned that  im happpy yes? , am I the only one in Nicaragua that follow every move of this two, my lovely robsten?. It s like I have no one to talk about this my sistah doesnt care, mom too busy, my friends have lives hahah by lives I mean BF that consume their free time, and here I am completely crazy for R and K, they are my ideal love story fuck you Haters they are so together. I must confess there were time of doubt for me , times when I didnt know if they were the real thing for sure but since IoW two there s no wayyyy to denied. 
so yay for them , they make a lovely couple,just wish to know why mrs Pattinson just had one Rob!!!!!!!!

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 I feel so teary right now if you see me everyday you would look at this hard extirior, a girl you dont mess with, but if you really knew me you would knew that  im so weak, a simple stupid word can break me in a  second.

 Why anything is  good enough, I have spent nearly my whole life thinking Im not good enough fo anything, Im not smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, skinny enough; im always average, when people expect so much from me. sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I hate this world, specially one person that has made me feel nothing all my life, the saddest thing is that, that person should motivate me, cheer me up, make me feel special, but instead he always has made me feel like I worth nothing, because hes always right, his ideas are the best ones, his opinion is the only one that matters. I feel so bad for having all this recentment toward him. I never got why my mom havent kicked him to the curb, he s such a bad husband, Im not suppose to talk about that cause quote "aint my problem, that s something between them". but you have no idea how much it affects me, hes been unfaithful to her so many times that i cant count them with my two hands, and it sure has affected me to the point that I never had a boyfriend, ever, im conviced that man are all the same heartless motherfuckers. this is my first entry here, have so many thing to say but im lacking of words, english is not my native language. 

20years all girl afraid  of love, cause men are assholes


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